Sir Anthony Battishill GCB
Class Of:1955
Distiguished Civil Servant

Principal Private Secretary to successive Chancellors of the Exchequer, Denis Healey and Sir Geoffrey Howe; Chair of the Board of Inland Revenue in 1986-97; Chairman Student Loans Co 1998; Hon Fellow LSE.
Sir Charles Bird CBE
Class Of:1880
Lord Mayor of Bristol 1910
His Excellency Mr Bruce Bucknell
Class Of:1980
British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata 2016 -
Dr Stephen Clackson
Class Of:1981
Independent Councillor on Orkney Islands Council since 2012. Serves on the University of the Highlands & Islands Foundation.
David Dalrymple
House:School House
Class Of:1856
Politician - as Minister for Education, Queensland, he improved the system of Grammar School scholarships and simplified the payment of teachers. In 1901, as Minister for Agriculture, he secured the Agricultural Bank Act which facilitated rural finance. Described as 'Awkward, shy, ridiculously nervous and aggressively unkempt', became a notable debater.
Evan Durbin
House:School House
Class Of:1924
Labour MP for Edmonton 1945-48. Even after his early death (he drowned whilst trying to save one of his daughters off the Cornish Coast) Durbin continued to influence Labour Party thinking throughout the 1950s, particularly for Gaitskell (who became party leader in 1955) and Labour revisionist Anthony Crosland. He was also an influence on the founders of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1981. The historian David Kynaston has described Durbin as 'the Labour Party's most interesting thinker of the 1940s and arguably of the twentieth century'.
Col Peter Durrant OBE
House:Senior Day Boys
Class Of:1944
Ministerial Security Advisor (Foreign Office) 1981-89; Freeman of the City of London (1987); It was often suggested he should write an autobiography but his reply was always the same: he had given his word to Geoffrey Howe, the then Foreign Secretary, that he would never do it and he had no intention of breaking his word.
Sir Michael Franklin KCB CMG
Class Of:1945
Private Secretary to Christopher Soames at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1961-4; Head of the European Secretariat within the Cabinet Office1977-81; Permanent Secretary at the Department of Trade, 1982-3; Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1983-7
Brigadier Tim Gregson MBE
House:Wills West
Class Of:1972
Military Attaché at the British Embassy, Paris. Served in Hong Kong and Brunei with the Gurkhas, and then in Northern Ireland. Promoted to Brigadier, he spent four years in Paris as Military Attaché at the British Embassy from 2003. On retirement from the Army, he became CEO to the Worshipful Company of Carpenters, one of London's oldest livery companies.
John Gullick
Class Of:1935
One of the last surviving members of the British Colonial Service in Malaya, an anthropologist, a lawyer and businessman, and an eminent historian of Malaysia. In 1946 he joined the Malayan Civil Service. His skills as an administrator, his fairness and his insight into the political and social complexities of Malaya, became widely recognised. His clarity of vision during Malaya's journey to independence confirmed his credibility with the British, Malay, Indian and Chinese communities. In 1962 he qualified as a solicitor and eventually became senior partner in a City of London law firm. In 1987 he published what became the standard text book on Company Law. For some years he served as deputy chairman of the governors of LSE. Over 60 years he published a steady flow of books and articles, the best-known being a series of histories of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.
John Meikle MBE
House:Senior Day Boys
Class Of:1940
Mayor of Taunton - 41 years for Borough Council in Taunton; Led team to raise money to build Brewhouse Theatre; as Mayor 1967/68 inaugurated Abbeyfield Housing in Taunton.
His Excellency Mr Dominic Meiklejohn OBE
Class Of:1986
Former British High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands
Bob Peirce
House:Wills West
Class Of:1972
Former British Consul-General in Los Angeles - A key negotiator with China on Hong Kong from the early 1980s through the handover in June 1997. He has served as Private Secretary to three British Foreign Secretaries: Sir Geoffrey Howe, Sir John Major and Lord Hurd.
Flick Rea MBE
House:Weirfield School
Class Of:1955
Liberal Democrat Councillor in Camden since 1986. Leader of Camden's Liberal Democrat Group until May 2005 and cabinet member for culture and sport 2006-10. Formerly vice-chair of London Councils Arts. Tourism and 2012 Forum.
Noel Salter
House:School House
Class Of:1947
Deputy Secretary General to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (1950-55); European Commission in Brussels (1973-75). A man of deep Christian convictions, he worked tirelessly for a united Europe and its playing a positive economic and political role for the world at large. Clerk to the Committee on Legal and Administrative Questions of the Consultative Assembly (which had drafted the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms). Among his tasks was drafting a revision of the Statute of the Council of Europe (the 'Mackay Protocol').
His Excellency Mr Timothy Smart
Class Of:1992
British Ambassador to Madagascar
Sir Robert Symes
House:Senior Day Boys
Class Of:1877
6 times Mayor of Bristol - He was a provision merchant and was for, many years, a churchwarden of Temple Church and one of the results of his connection with that parish was that, with the co-operation of the vicar, Rev. W. Hazledine, he persuaded the vestry not to renew the leases of five public houses in the parish so that the premises were converted into ordinary business premises. The police superintendent at the time commented that this act was equivalent to saving the work of 12 constables.
His Excellency Mr Sanjay Wadvani OBE
House:Wills East
Class Of:1985
British Ambassador to Turkmenistan
Sir Peter Wallis KCVO CMG
Class Of:1953
British High Commissioner to Malta 1991-94; Ministry of Labour & National Service 1958; HM Customs & Excise 1959 (Private Sec 61-64); Head of Permanent Under-Secretaries Depart FCO 1983; Minister Pretoria 1987; Minister British Liaison Office 1989 & subsequently Acting High Commissioner (1990) Windhoek, Namibia; Political Advisor to Joint Commander, British Forces in the Gulf Jan-April 1991 to Commander British Forces SE Turkey/N Iraq May - July 1991. Advisor to Learmont Enquiry into Prison Security 1995; Head UK delegation to EC monitor mission, Balkans 1996-99
His Excellency Sir Peter Westmacott KCMG LVO
Class Of:1968
Her Majesty's Ambassador to the United States of America 2012-16
John Wild CMG
Class Of:1934
British Governor General of Uganda who led an impressive career in the Colonial Administration Service Uganda from 1938, becoming Chairman of its Constitutional Committee in 1959. Author of Early Travellers in Acholi (1950); The Uganda Mutiny (1953) and The Story of the Uganda Agreement (1957)
Jeremy Wright MP
Class Of:1991
Attorney General and MP for Kenilworth and Southam, Warwickshire.
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