Events for OTs organised by the school and OTA are resuming, you can find further details of forthcoming events and those that are planned to take place in the future below.
If you would like to attend an event, then please email or log in here and make a booking online.
If you would like to plan a particular event or reunion for OTs or have another idea for an event, then we’d love to hear from you! Please email or telephone +44 (0)1823 703158

To view attendees at previous events please click here.
Sunday 26 June 2022
Sunday 10 July 2022
Saturday 16 July 2022
Wednesday 14 September 2022
Future Planned Events
The Old Tauntonian Golfing Society
New players always welcome! Get in touch to find out more about tee times and events coming up. See or contact Richard Willacy for more details and future fixtures.
School Calendar Events
To view other events being held at School, please find this term's calendar on the School website.
Careers talks, fairs and and career mentoring
There are several events, talks and workshop sessions at school for students to find out about different careers and how to how to get started in a particualr sector. OTs and parents have great personal experience of their own career journeys and this can be invaluable to students who are thinking about their future.
Please contact us if you could give your experience and knowledge to help current students at the school -
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