The Archive currently consists of

  • all 263 Tauntonian Magazines from 1882-2014
  • 49 Weirfieldian Magazines
  • 164 House photos, 135 Sports photos, 32 'Whole School' photos, 40 Music & Drama photos
  • the original 1867 Architect's drawings of the School
  • 6 video clips (6-12 mins each) of the Prep School from sports days to mini-dramas such as 'The Defectives' and 'The Convict'
  • profiles of 58 former members of Staff
  • the War Memorial Rolls of Honour

.......and so much more!

There is no charge to gain access to the Archive, to view the material online, Login above, or contact us for assistance.

High resolution scans of House Photos, Sports Teams (preferably with names), Music Teams etc will be warmly received by the OT team and Archivist - please email

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