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OTs' Christmas Lunch 2021
Tuesday 21 December 2021
The OTA Western Club's Christmas Lunch for all OTs will be held at school in the (new) Dining Room.
Drinks at 12.00 before lunch at 12.30 - this will be a 3-course lunch of traditional Christmas fare including turkey, stuffing and Christmas Pudding, with wine, coffee and mince pies!

Places are limited so bookings are essential - please either log in and make your booking on this page or email to reserve your tickets.

All OTs, OWs, and all other members of the school's wide community are welcome.
OTs' Christmas Lunch 2021 attendees
Jonathan Skittrall
class of:1992
attending:Jonathan Skittrall, Saskia Skittrall
Michael Pudner
house:School House
class of:1978
attending:Mike Pudner
Jan Nuttall
house:Weirfield School & Babbingly
class of:1975
attending:Jan Nuttall
Henry Keeling
house:School House
class of:1974
attending:Henry Keeling
Roger Reed
class of:1974
attending:Roger Reed
Clive Goodchild
house:Wills West
class of:1973
attending:Clive Goodchild
Terry Davidge
class of:1965
attending:Terry Davidge
Anne Leamon (Henson)
house:Weirfield School
class of:1964
attending:Anne Leamon, Robin Leamon
Clive Roberts AKC MD FRCP FHEA
class of:1964
attending:Clive Roberts
Colin Trim
class of:1964
attending:Colin Trim
David Yates
class of:1960
attending:David Yates, Allison Yates
Paul Gilley
class of:1954
attending:Paul Gilley
Derrick Mead
house:Wills West
class of:1953
attending:Derrick Mead, Marian Mead
David Mason
class of:1951
attending:David Mason
Wes Wyatt
class of:1950
attending:Wes Wyatt
Joan Bird
house:Former Staff
attending:Joan Bird, David Bird
David Bridges GRSM ARCM ARCO
house:OTA President
Ann Bridges
house:Friend of TS
attending:Ann Bridges
John Brown MA
house:Current Staff
attending:John Brown
Jack Clark
house:Foundation Director
attending:Jack Clark
George Cockburn
house:Foundation Officer
attending:George Cockburn
Richard Jowett
house:Former Staff
attending:Richard Jowett, Gill Jowett
Jill Lisk-Holland (Lisk)
house:Former Staff
attending:Jill Lisk, Martin Holland
Hugh Todd
house:Former Staff
attending:Hugh Todd
Olive Wyatt
house:Friend of TS
attending:Olive Wyatt
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