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Reunion 2018 - Dinner
Saturday 09 June 2018
Booking is now closed for this event - sorry! Plenty of time to reminisce with your friends over a 3-course Dinner! Murray, Jenkin and Bevan Houses were 'born' 40 years ago in 1978 - celebrate this milestone at the Annual OTA Reunion Weekend... come dine and reminisce with your former Houseparents. We welcome ALL OTs (regardless of house/year) but would be delighted to see leavers from 1998 and 2008.

Reception Drinks at 6.30pm. Supper at 7.15pm. Cash Bar open throughout the evening.
Dress Code: Lounge Suit/Jacket & Tie
Reunion 2018 - Dinner attendees
Hettie Hotton
class of:2008
attending:Ben Warren, Hettie Hotton
Portia Ross
class of:2008
attending:Portia Ross
Adam D'Souza
class of:2006
attending:Adam D'Souza
Jon Bird
class of:2005
attending:Jon Bird
Julian Whiteley BSc MBA
house:Former Headmaster
class of:2004
attending:Julian Whiteley
Lisa Manley
class of:1999
attending:Lisa Manley
Anna Manley
class of:1996
attending:Anna Manley
Nick Walker
class of:1990
attending:Nick Walker
Simon Collins
class of:1988
attending:Simon Collins
Jane Cookson (Weston)
class of:1988
attending:Jane Cookson
Rebecca Jeanes
class of:1988
attending:Rebecca Jeanes
Clare Mackenney (Lawrence)
class of:1988
attending:Clare Mackenney
Andy Montgomery
class of:1988
attending:Andy (Monty) Montgomery
Tim Sellick
class of:1988
attending:Tim Sellick
Sam Sweeting (Ryan)
class of:1988
attending:Sam Sweeting
Kate Rees (Sarra)
class of:1976
attending:Kate Rees
Jonathan Stocker
class of:1975
attending:Jonathan Stocker, Catherine Stocker
Selma Todd (Tidboald)
class of:1975
attending:Selma Todd
Helen Carpenter (Blackburn)
class of:1974
attending:Helen Carpenter, Andrew Carpenter
Clive Goodchild
house:Wills West
class of:1973
attending:Clive Goodchild, Celia Goodchild
Ross Moon
house:Wills East
class of:1973
attending:Ross Moon, Regina Moon
Simon Nicholson
house:Wills East
class of:1973
attending:Simon Nicholson, Jeannette Nicholson
Robin Hotton (Deceased)
house:Wills East
class of:1967
attending:Robin Hotton
Chris Hotton
house:Wills East
class of:1966
attending:Chris Hotton
Clive Roberts AKC MD FRCP FHEA
class of:1964
attending:Dr Clive Roberts
Roger Ward
house:School House
class of:1960
attending:Roger Ward, Heather Ward
David Jenkins
house:Wills West
class of:1958
attending:David Jenkins
Michael Button FCA
house:Wills East
class of:1956
attending:Michael Button
Brian Mead
house:Wills West
class of:1953
attending:Brian Mead
Wes Wyatt
class of:1950
attending:Wes Wyatt, Olive Wyatt
David Bridges GRSM ARCM ARCO
house:OTA President
attending:David Bridges
John Brown MA
house:Current Staff
attending:John Brown
Jo Evans BCom (Southcott)
house:Former Bevan Housemistress
attending:Jo Evans
Gill Foster BA
house:Bevan Housemistress
attending:Gill Foster
Lee Glaser BSc MA
attending:Lee Glaser, Liz Glaser
Carol Manley
house:Former Jenkin Housemistress
attending:Carol Manley, Nigel Manley
Keith Moore MA FGS C Geol
house:TSEC Governor
attending:Keith Moore, Lynne Moore
Clare Rodgers BSc (Harvie)
house:Former Jenkin Housemistress
attending:Clare Rodgers, Martin Rodgers
Hugh Todd
house:Former Staff
attending:Hugh Todd
Sarah Walker
house:Former Murray Houseparent
attending:Sarah Walker
Sandra Wickham
house:Former Staff
attending:Sandra Wickham
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