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Western Club Lunch and AGM (February 2020)
Wednesday 26 February 2020
Enjoy lunch with old friends at Taunton School, followed by the Western Club's AGM. Meet at 12.00 in the Pavilion (now NOT the Clark Centre studio) at Taunton School. Wives/partners are very welcome to attend.

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Please bring some cash to pay for lunch on the day (price of lunch to be confirmed, usually £10.00). Please do NOT pre-pay using PayPal for this event.
Western Club Lunch and AGM (February 2020) attendees
Ian Irvin
class of:1964
attending:Ian Irvin, Tina Irvin
Anne Leamon (Henson)
house:Weirfield School
class of:1964
attending:Anne Leamon, Robin Leamon
Judith Dawson (Dowell)
house:Weirfield School
class of:1963
attending:Judith Dawson
Sue Boobyer (Govier)
house:Weirfield School
class of:1961
attending:Sue Boobyer, Trevor Boobyer
Nick Bryant
class of:1961
attending:Nick Bryant, Sylvia
Geoff Bryant
class of:1958
attending:Geoff Bryant
Christine Small (Brougham)
house:Weirfield School
class of:1954
attending:Christine Small
Derrick Mead
house:Wills West
class of:1953
attending:Marian Mead, Derrick Mead
Steve Harvey
house:Senior Day Boys
class of:1944
attending:Steve Harvey, Kate Harvey
David Bridges GRSM ARCM ARCO
house:OTA President
Ann Bridges
house:Friend of TS
attending:Ann Bridges
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