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1847 Society Lunch 2019
Saturday 12 October 2019
An exclusive, invitation-only Foundation Lunch in the Upper Dining Hall to thank our Donors and Legators.

Drinks Reception: 11.45am in the Arts Centre Foyer (Theatre Foyer)

Lunch: 12.45pm in the Upper Dining Hall
1847 Society Lunch 2019 attendees
Peter Brooks
class of:1976
attending:Peter Brooks, Kirsty Brooks
Jan Nuttall
class of:1975
attending:Jan Nuttall
Henry Keeling
house:School House
class of:1974
attending:Henry Keeling
Rupert Reid
house:School House
class of:1974
attending:Rupert Reid
Will Osmond
class of:1972
attending:Will Osmond, Sharon Osmond
Chris Steel
class of:1971
attending:Chris Steel
Jane Barrie (Pearson)
house:Weirfield School
class of:1964
attending:Jane Barrie, Ian Barrie
Ian Irvin
class of:1964
attending:Ian Irvin
Nick Read
class of:1964
attending:Nick Read
Jonathan Hall
house:Wills West
class of:1963
attending:Jonathan Hall
David Jenkins
house:Wills West
class of:1958
attending:David Jenkins
Malcolm Wicks
house:School House
class of:1954
attending:Malcolm Wicks
Graham Meredith
house:School House
class of:1952
attending:Graham Meredith, Sonia Meredith
Simon & Sarah Bosworth
house:Former Parent
attending:Simon Bosworth, Sarah Bosworth
Chris Butters
house:TSEC Governor
attending:Chris Butters, Janet Butters
Lee Glaser
Geoff & Elizabeth Hayes
house:Former Parent
attending:Geoff Hayes, Elizabeth Hayes
Nadine Latte
house:Foundation Director
George & Rebecca Welch
house:Current Parent
attending:George Welch
Phil & Marie Cooper
attending:Phil Cooper, Marie Cooper
Caroline de Estradas
attending:Caroline de Estradas
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