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OTA 200 Club AGM
Wednesday 09 December 2020
The Old Tauntonian Association 200 Club AGM will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 9th December at 6.00pm.

The Club is seeking a new Chairman following the death of David Brighton - the post involves hardly any work but we do need one!

Any Other Business items MUST be received by David Bridges ( no less than 48 hours before the start of the meeting.

If you would like to attend, please email David Bridges ( who will send you the appropriate link to the meeting.

David J Bridges
OTA President & Secretary
OTA 200 Club AGM attendees
Jon Bird
class of:2005
attending:Jon Bird
OJ Wooding
class of:2002
attending:OJ Wooding
Henry Keeling
house:School House
class of:1974
attending:Henry Keeling
Tony Scott
house:School House
class of:1970
attending:Tony Scott
David Jenkins
house:Wills West
class of:1958
attending:David Jenkins
Malcolm Mecklenburgh
house:Wills West
class of:1958
attending:Malcolm Mecklenburgh
Michael Button FCA
house:Wills East
class of:1956
attending:Michael Button
John Pangbourne
house:Wills West
class of:1955
attending:John Pangbourne
Derrick Mead
house:Wills West
class of:1953
attending:Derrick Mead
Steve Harvey
house:Senior Day Boys
class of:1944
attending:Steve Harvey
Joan Bird
house:Former Staff
attending:Joan Bird
David Bridges GRSM ARCM ARCO
house:OTA President
attending:David Bridges
Ann Bridges
house:Friend of TS
attending:Ann Bridges
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