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Midland Lunch 2019
Sunday 23 June 2019
Copt Heath Golf Club, 1220 Warwick Road, Knowle B93 9LN.
We'd love to meet with OTs, OWs, Former Parents & Current Parents at this gathering.
12.00 for 12.30pm £25 (includes Glass of Wine)
Midland Lunch 2019 attendees
Gareth Griffiths
class of:2001
attending:Gareth TBC
Colin Trim
class of:1964
attending:Colin, Pippa
Chris Ainley
house:School House
class of:1963
attending:Chris, Les, Mike
Peter Williams
house:School House
class of:1962
attending:Peter, Angela
Roger Ward
house:School House
class of:1960
attending:Roger, Heather
Keith Ingram
house:Wills East
class of:1959
attending:Keith, Jackie
David Watson MA FCA
house:Wills West
class of:1958
attending:David, Viv
Michael Button FCA
house:Wills East
class of:1956
Derrick Mead
house:Wills West
class of:1953
David Bridges GRSM ARCM ARCO
house:OTA President
Ann Bridges
house:Friend of TS
Hannah Jones
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